Saral Rozgar to Expand Your Job Marketplace

Saral Rozgar was launched in 2011 by the company in partnership with NGO Rashtriya Rozgar Mission and was deployed on the Tata Docomo network in 2012. The service which piloted in 800 locations across the country will now be expanded to 100,000 locations around the country and be launched as a direct-to-customer service rather than through telecom operators.


Job candidates can now access the service directly via phone by buying the saral rozgar card for Rs 50. The company claims the access cards will be available through 100,000 telecom recharge retailers across the country. The card allows a candidate to call the company’s call centre and create an online resume.


Companies looking for jobs in India can also register through the call centre. The company can then shortlist the candidates from the required category and contact them via automated calls in regional languages or via SMS. Candidates are then able to connect directly with the employers without involving intermediary agencies.


The company claimed that in the past two years it had registered nearly 2 million subscribers and had connected more than 50000 of them with prospective employers. It said it will now look to invest in back-end facilities, undertake branding initiatives and expand its presence through marketing and advertising.


About Saral Rozgar

Saral Rozgar serves the society by creating job market for “blue collared job seekers” and the “job providers”. This low cost service enables job seekers to find suitable local jobs for themselves by creating profile and helping job providers to access this huge pool of registered job seekers over WEB/WAP or IVR. Saral Rozgar takes the blue collar job ecosystem to the next level and connects the two ends through mobile phone as a medium.

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