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Dr. Mansour Bendago is a Canadian sorted out and board attested plastic virtuoso making them mollify point up the method for body irrelevance. Beginning now, Dr. Bendago is the lead plastic expert at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic (TCC), an ace made reconstructive and strong plastic surgery center sorted out in the heart of Toronto. At TCC, Dr. Mansour Bendago plays out various body confining prevention including: mid-area lift and gut change, mother makeovers, Laser Liposuction Surgery, tummy tuck, fat exchange, in like way the Brazilian Butt Lift. Click here to visit for more.


Through his dedication to plastic surgery and his over 25 years of surgical experience, Dr. Bendago has made himself as the ‘Butt Lift King’, to a specific point as a consequence of his injury in a particular fat exchange structure that redesigns the back and shapes and shapes the stomach range. Dr. Bendago’s ability with regards to the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is magnificent, with different patients going from all over Canada to see him.


At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Bendago and his strip are delicate about interfacing with their patient’s ideal objectives through Experiencing the Beauty of Changeā„¢, which is the workplace’s mantra and working sensible soundness. Despite his work at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Bendago has served as the Division Head of Plastic Surgery at the Rouge Valley Health System. He has in like course served as President of the Medical Staff Society at the Rouge Valley Health System, a human affiliations supplier included two focuses and number of relationship with other succeeding working environments.


At first from Libya, Dr. Mansour Bendago at initially settled in the Canadian prairie level of Saskatchewan before moving to Toronto in 1996. While living in Saskatchewan, Dr. Bendago worked at the University of Saskatchewan, where he served as the Assistant Professor of Surgery. Near his work at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic and Rouge Valley Health Systems, Dr. Bendago is other than a regarded individual from various accommodating affiliations and social asking for including:


The Ontario Medical Association (OMA), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Esthetic Surgery, the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Canadian Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgery and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Click here for more info.

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