Link Protector is a free service offering link protection

Have you probably heard about the link protector? Or have you been searching for the best free link protector services? If so, then continue reading here about the best link protector services available these days.

Basically link protector has become the best free service that are being offering protection to the links in order to avoid any links to get indexed by spiders and being listed on search engines. You will find that this service is free and will help you to protect your links from the illegal links promotion or automated robots like the captcha and passwords.

As some of the people have been using private spiders to track the file names and delete them immediately that too without verification. Such free services offer benefits by converting your links to direct links that will act as the auto forwarders to your original links. These links offer options and provide you the ability to limited access to such direct links using a Captcha and password.

Such services offer you the great opportunity to shorten your long website address. You will find the convenience with the most easiest and common way to protect links using these services as they will let you go to your main page and input your links in the text area and by pressing the “Protect your links” button to protect your links.

The free services of keeplinks will generate the results page where several outputs will be listed like the protected links, direct links and remove links. By visiting the advanced options on such sites will let you option to set your settings before submitting the links.

All you need is to register first and search for the links using such free services. In order to find out the best link protection services online, you need to make prior research for such best services. So, go online now and cater your need for the links protection.

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