Know about possession of marijuana

Possession of drugs (posiadanie narkotyków) in any sum, even a minor is deserving of law. Illicit development is likewise shown in the follow up on the counteractive action of medication enslavement among plants poppy, cannabis, coca, opium. As a criminal law against medication treats likewise included in the exchanging and managing in illegal substances and to empower or encourage the utilization of an item not approved.


A gathering’s subjective medication ownership offenses are purposeful. The offense of ownership of medications can make just deliberately. This implies, the way that a man with medications must have consciousness of the illicitness of their demonstration, ie. You should know that the substance, which has is recorded in the inventory of restricted substances and the expansion or needs to carry out a wrongdoing, or having drugs, consent to the commission.


With the instance of less significance on account of medication ownership offenses will be managed as per Article. 62a of the Act on checking drug fixation when the sum claimed is inconsequential medication, planned for individual utilization of the culprit. That article demonstrates that on account of a minor, criminal procedures may cease either before issuing a choice on the start of an examination, if the judgment against the culprit of the demonstration indicated in the sentence would be pointless in the conditions of the offense and the level of its social destructiveness.


What is in this way insignificant measure possession of marijuana (posiadanie marihuany)? Refered to above law does not demonstrate how much medication is called immaterial sum. This idea has been illuminated in the statute of the Courts. Katowice Court of Appeal in its judgment called attention to that, “The most vital, however by all account not the only consider deciding the worthiness of the mishap is minor in light of the fact that the measure of medication had, which on account of workmanship. 62 passage. 3 must be low. ”


This implies the event of the occasion of minor alluded to in Article. 62a u.p.n. It will dependably be, for every situation evaluated by the Court and that, when the Court will qualify sedate ownership, even in a minor sum as a minor case relies on upon every one of the conditions encompassing the commission of the offense of medication ownership.

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