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Kanida Chey is a Toronto-based culinary master with more than 15 years of commitment in the restaurant and fine gobbling up industry. At present, Kanida is the Executive Chef at Branca Restaurant sorted out in the Toronto neighborhood of Parkdale. As the city’s first upscale Argentinian burger joint, Branca was worked around the standard Argentinian understanding of cooking over a live fire. Click to visit for information.


At Branca, Kanida Chey manages the far reaching kitchen and waitstaff, the menu and controlling sizes and general cost examination. He also made and executed a definitive structure that licenses Branca to work gainfully. So in addition, he is accountable for the continually butchery of whole animals, a remarkable fragment of the Argentinean menu. Kanida demonstrated an arranged smoking and stewing program at Branca, a burger joint that was named Toronto’s Most Romantic Restaurant, Toronto’s Top New Restaurant in the West End, and Top New Restaurant for the year of 2015.


Kanida’s culinary work started not long after he proceeded ahead from Toronto’s George Brown College, an establishment unquestionably comprehended for its culinary expressions program. Starting there, he kept holding a mix of positions at Flow Restaurant and Lounge which included: Garde Manger, Entremetier, Poissonnier, Saucier, Grillardin, Junior Sous Chef, Sous Chef.


In the midst of his time at Flow Restaurant and Lounge, Kanida developed a basic impression of the complexities required in running a productive bistro through his complete organizing and working of all stations and parts of the wide kitchen, while in addition developing his true blue culinary aptitudes. At Flow, Kanida was nearly chastened for keeping up the general cleanliness in all kitchen zones. Kanida in like manner cooked self-governingly benefits for 300 or sensibly and helped the Head Chef in the opening of a giving sustenance division, which executed meals and events for 100 to 800 guests.


Taking after six years at Flow Restaurant and Lounge, Kanida continued forward and held unmistakable force kitchen positions in Toronto, including, Sous Chef at Rose Water Supper Club, Executive Sous Chef at Origin Restaurant and Executive Chef/Consulting Chef at Ink Entertainment. Before coming to Branca in 2014, Kanida was Chef De Cuisine, Executive Sous Chef and Culinary Director for Icon Legacy Hospitality, a Toronto-based full union general solace affiliation that cases and works a wide gathering of drawing burger joints, blended refreshment parlors, bars and surprising events working circumstances. Click here for more updates.

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