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Guidelines to Search my Jharkhand webland records jharbhoomi.nic.in website. Division of Revenue and Land Reforms, Jharkhand has developed the MIS passage jharbhoomi.nic.in in association with NIC (National Informatics Center) to digitize land records system in Jharkhand. The genuine objectives of this web door is to give Jharkhand Web Land Records information will be open online to the subject.


Regulated guidelines to Know your Jharkhand Adangal land change application status. It is definitely not hard to know your Jharkhand Land Record Application Status. Essentially Follow the underneath steps. Most importantly else Enter into this URL: http://jharbhoomi.nic.in. By then Click on “Aavedhan Sthithi” Tab. In the wake of Clicking the Tab you will again Select your District as showed up in the District Map.


After you can again pick your mandal. By then you can Select the year. After snap on Search Button. There’s nothing more to it. Jharkhand Web Land Record Application Status, Jharkhand webland Online Application, Login, Bank Land and district adroit Bhoomi Khata available to download at jharbhoomi.nic.in web section.


The Government of Jharkhand has put the web land records has given in on the web. The website name for perceiving of range change, new change application and to know more information about on Jharkhand webland Records please suggest the official webpage jharbhoomi.nic.in.

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