Exploring and Choosing Gemstone Engagement Ring Designs

Why More People are Choosing Birthstone Engagement Rings

For many people, the thought of an engagement ring conjures images of an elegant, delicately set diamond. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine an engagement ring designs that do not include this popular stone. However, that’s certainly not stopping some people from thinking outside of the box (or the ring, as it were!), and opting for unique engagement ring designs that include the gemstones featuring all colors of the rainbow. In this article, you’ll discover some unique gemstone buy wholesale engagement rings designs that are ushering more and more happy couples to the altar.

What are Birthstones?

First, however, we need to take a look at birthstones. Contrary to popular belief, birthstones are so much more than a pair of stud rings or a pendant necklace. Birthstones can be incorporated into engagement ring designs, in order to reveal a beautiful and meaningful expression of lasting love. Plus, you aren’t limited to selecting your partner’s birth month gemstones. You can also select one based upon the special meaning captured by each precious gem. In fact, if you and your bride-to-be are so inclined, you may want to choose a gemstone based on her astrological sign.

Red Gemstones: For Passionate Lovers

Red gemstones are increasingly popular engagement ring designs — and it’s not hard to see why. Rubies, which are the gemstone for July, represent passionate love. As such, throughout time red gemstones have been associated with love, passion, vitality, and luck – all of which any bride-to-be would hope to have in her marriage!

If you are considering a red gemstone for your ring, keep in mind that the most popular type – the ruby — is only one of several different options. Red garnet, tourmaline, and spinel are all beautiful red gemstones that could make your wedding day and marriage truly magical.

Blue Gemstones: For a Princess Bride

Blue gemstones conjure up the British Royal Family – and with good reason. Queen Elizabeth I and Princess Diana both wore a sapphire ring, and Princess Diana’s ring was recently passed on to Princess Kate.

Why do royalty choose sapphires in their engagement ring designs? Essentially, there’s a timelessness quality and aura about them that can’t be duplicated. What’s more, sapphires are known for their durability, and were one of the first gemstones to be discovered. Blue gemstones in general are known to symbolize spirituality and purity. And of course, if sapphires don’t inspire you or your bride-to-be, you can also consider iolite, blue tourmaline, or blue spinel.

Green Gemstones: For a Love That Lasts

A third common alternative to diamonds are green gemstones, which invoke the lush radiance of nature, hope, everlasting life and health. Green gemstones, such as emeralds (which are the gemstone for May), are also heralded as bringers of faithful and constant love. With all of these positive associations, it’s no wonder why Emerald Green was crowned the fashion world’s “colour of the year” in 2013! Of course, for those who aren’t inspired by emeralds, there are many other alternatives for engagement ring designs, such as green garnet or green tourmaline.

Making the Right Choice

Whether you’re choosing a gemstone based on your bride-to-be’s birth month, astrological sign, a special associated meaning, or simply because of its remarkable beauty and elegance, gemstones make a beautiful addition to Engagement ring designs, whether as the star stone, or as a small addition on either side of a larger diamond.

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