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Whole deal Whistler inhabitant, Joey Houssian, has been determinedly producing an establishment of outside experience as proprietor and president of The Adventure Group (TAG). Houssian has created a business in light of invigorating encounters, offering treetop wanders, RZRs, snowmobiles and snowshoeing regardless of owning and working Superfly Ziplines and Wedge Rafting — consider Houssian your pixie new parent of encounters past the standard. Click to visit for more update.


As champs in the Winter 2015 ServeUs Challenge (Whistler Chamber’s riddle customer system) and beneficiaries of the Service Excellence Award for colossal business at the Whistler Excellence Awards in June, The Adventure Group has set up themselves as industry pioneers in visitor experience. As to coordinating to their social affair, they are fundamentally as revolved around making world-class encounters for those nearby.


As true blue ministers of enormous business, the TAG social event are spreading their blend by making endeavors and occasions particularly for individuals who live in the Sea to Sky anteroom. Programs that offer (and spending game plan for) open gateways for tenants to investigate diverse roads with respect to a visit or welcome an epic social occasion party open superb courses for adjacent people to play. As profitable individuals from our social event this is their procedure for saying support your heart.


“So every now and again in our business we consider the guests to Whistler and at TAG we truly need to satisfy something basic, persevering and high effect for our neighborhood people,” said Joey Houssian. “Our tremendous accepted is really a “thank you” to the social affair we adore, live and work in — yet we have formalized it.” Once reliably in late spring a line up of adjacent people connects down the Village walk around the gateways of the TAG working situations. These keeners are covering up for the yearly spring progress that gives away 500 RZR and 500 Superfly Zipline encounters to neighborhood people. It’s inclination that dependably gets ate up inside hours.


“The essential year we did it (summer 2012) individuals were lined up outside our office at six in the morning with containers of espresso and grass seats, sitting tight for the workplace to open at eight,” studies Houssian. “I am persistently amazed at what number of companions, even family, have partaken in this reliably.” For Houssian, it is principal this accessible to anybody living here — it is essential to offer more than a mutual trademark visit concentrated just on bleeding edge, industry or operators. To truly thank his social occasion with everything checked, he offers a “no-quid expert quos freebie” to any individual who lives in Squamish, Whistler or Pemberton. Check this site for more updates.

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